With the development of new technologies, it is necessary for companies to manufacture diversified products, especially milling, turning, drilling tools. Cuong Anh Machinery Co.,Ltd is a trade and service company which specializes in supplying cutting tools for many businesses in the machinery making industry.
Cuong Anh Machinery (CAM) is an authorized agency in Vietnam of many world-famous brands such as: YG-1, DORMER PRAMET, MILLER, HAIMER, SSK, BECK, ROHM, RÖHM GmbH, HEIMATEC, KLINGSPOR, TECTYL, CHEMETALL…We specialize in providing high-quality cutting tools, industrial Oil and Chemicals for many domestic and owning foreign investment capital businesses in Vietnam.
In 2017, CAM established a branch in Ho Chi Minh City with the head office: Room 501, No. 76 Pho Quang, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City to get a better service for the counterparts and customers in the South. As an official counterpart of many world-famous brands, with a team of experienced experts and managers in the field of mechanical machining, CAM has now become a supplier of cutting tools, oil and chemicals together with leading consultant services about solutions and equipment machining in Vietnam.


Slogan: “Make everything easier!”
We have contributed to the success of clients by ensuring the best quality of products with the best reasonable prices, high quality, and attentive after-sales services.
We provide:
Industrial supplies and equipments of leading brands all over the world for many businesses.
High-quality industrial Oil and Chemicals serving in the field of machining and making industrial equipment.
Consultant services with the best-advanced technologies about solutions and machines manufacturing for businesses.


- Cuong Anh Machinery (CAM) is now one of the leading companies in the market providing high-quality cutting tools, products in the industrial area, auxiliary manufacturing and mechanical machining in Vietnam.
- By 2025, Cuong Anh Machinery (CAM)’s goal is becoming a leading business involving in the value chain of implementing modern factory projects inside the country and areas.


- Team: For us, team spirit is the key to our success. All members always support each other and head towards mutual goals.
- Learning: We always try to improve our experience not only in technical area but also in customer service. Customers are the best way for CAM’s staffs to learn further.
- Implementation: The key to success depends on how we do it, CAM is always determined to act to get the best target.
- Balance: CAM believes that career and family need to be balanced. Therefore, we can do miracles.

Why choose Cuong Anh Machenery?


We own experienced, young and dynamic staffs, professionally trained in different fields, high teamwork spirit to make sure the smooth and effective coordination among departments. Our company brings experts, engineers, technicians,..together to meet the needs of customers and for present and upcoming projects.


As an official partner of famous brands all over the world, with a team of experienced personnels, experts and managers in the mechanical machining area, Cuong Anh Machinery Company (CAM) affirms we are going to be a supplier of the best goods according to the demands of customers with the motto: The best quality - The fastest progress - The most reasonable price.


All products provided by Cuong Anh are researched and produced by the company and its counterparts on modern machinery lines to make sure the high quality and aesthetics.

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